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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

This review applies to version 5.5. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

MV RegClean 5.5 is a registry cleaner for Windows.

It cleans and repair registry problems, that are often the cause of crashes, slow performance and error messages.

MV RegClean 5.5 accomplishes this by repairing invalid registry entries and removing orphaned references.
Of course, you can make backups of the registry to revert changes if needed.

The program is compatible with every 32 and 64 bits Windows.

The initial screen has three buttons: Start, Backup and Options.

Pressing the "Start" button, the program will begin to scan your registry with the default settings. Once the scan is finished, MV RegClean will show you its results and ask you what to do with the found issues. You can then remove the selected items (all, by default) or choose what to remove by hand.

By default every scan will store a registry backup before changing anything. If something goes wrong, you can revert your system registry to its initial state using the "Backup" button and selecting the proper backup file.

In "Options" you can set the program´s appearance, search for updates or choose if you want a backup made before every scan.


  • It´s fast, accurate and secure.


  • None.

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    GT 9 days ago

    MV RegClean helps a lot!

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    pax13 6 years ago

    It is a great program. It does what it says it will do.

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    pax13 6 years ago

    Once again this registry cleaner stands out. Ease of use, stability, and dependable. I used it years ago on an XP machine. This time I have used it on a Vista 32 machine after uninstalling Visual Studio 2010 beta, Adobe CS4, and some other programs. I downloaded it after I looked at my older machine. The other reg cleaners are now history.
    Don't miss out or get frustrated, give it a try.
    This is not a paid endorsement, it is the real deal.

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